Artist Spotlight: PaintPunkz

Introducing PaintPunkz — A Carbon0 Climate Action Collection guest artist

1. How and when did you get into the creative arts? My parents have always been very creative, my father was a hobbyist artist painting and drawing with ink, watercolours and oils and he also sculpted too. My mother is a classically trained musician who plays piano, flute and recorder and used to teach music and she is into crafting and sewing quilts, designing gardens etc.; so I guess that’s where it comes from.

My main form of art previous to digital art was using magazines and books as cut out pictures to create collages on wood and canvas and my teenage bedroom was something to behold as it was completely covered floor to ceiling in an enormous picture collage about my life and interests. I’ve even still got the pictures of my bedroom looking like that actually. I also make battle maps for RPG adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons, WarHammer, etc. on and use some 3D software and other specialised programs occasionally.

2. Why are you passionate about the crypto scene? I originally heard about Bitcoin through my interest in cyber security back when it first came out but I never bought any. After reading a book named Digital Gold I started trading alt coins every day and managed to make a living out of it for about 6 months and it was like magic to me.

I was eventually invited to host a special lecture at a local University in Sheffield England, through a contact in the security field, to explain how the blockchain worked which was attended by a representative of a major multinational bank. My main passion for crypto comes from the fact that it’s a universal value worth the same in any place on earth and completely independent of all banking systems. The financial revolution is coming, mark my words!

3. What made you notice NFTs? I watch a lot of streamers live on Twitch most days and a particular art graduate I love to watch created an NFT of some soap bubbles in water and that piqued my interest a lot. I began to look into the NFT art scene a lot and fell in love with cryptovoxels and the virtual lands that only exist on the blockchain and everything else about it really.

I started browsing art and fell in love with the OG Crypto Punks idea and all their derivative projects like Picasso Kongs. I can’t program or use scripts and so I created my own homage to the punks as NFTs in the form of my Pixel Peepz series doing each one manually with many different software, filters and effects during a bi-polar manic high period when I couldn’t stop making art for months on end.

4. Can you explain synesthesia and how it influences your art? Well, I can try to explain the basics; yes, haha, it sounds a bit strange at first but this genuinely is my reality. Synesthetes experience a mindstate where one sense is experienced as another very basically and my senses are all mixed up beyond my control. I always see lots of colors when hearing music or tasting colors when reading words and things like that all day every day. It’s kinda fun actually.

Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes people’s brains to cross wires, or in some cases to change and evolve over time. For me it makes me love strong bold colours and I’m always looking to represent my visual experiences somehow in my art. I wish so much I could find a way to show you what I see when I hear different types of music but it’s difficult to even describe really for me.

5. What are your thoughts on climate change? Well, I think it’s an extremely important thing to consider for us and the future of our planet and all life within it. As with most things I think that education is really the only way to effect real change that will last in future. I’m currently 42 years old and even in the early 1980s they were teaching us at school in England about the effects of climate change and how we could recycle and stop using fossil fuels etc.

I tend to see time and history as vast sweeping entities across millions of years and so I have no idea what our futures might hold in the short term of let’s say 100 years. I can only hope that technology will continue to empower us to be able to use renewable fuels as a start, I’m very encouraged by the recent spike in electric vehicles across the world too. The less fossil fuels burned or consumed the better but again, I really think that education and facts are the way forward.

6. Where can our readers and patrons learn more about you?

PaintPunkz is one of the artists in the Carbon0 Climate Action Collection.

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